The interdisciplinary project will be held in May 2018 in the Viennese watertower. This presentation of installation art, sound art, and site-specific art will connect to the tower‘s architecture and history. There will be an exhibition, lectures, workshops, performances, and concerts.

The title, „rising up, flowing down,“ describes a cyclical, rhythmic movement between two poles like waves of water. Suggesting transformations between different states of matter, this theme allows the event to encompass different topics related to water. For example, these may include the macro hydrological cycle of evaporation and rain around the globe, as well as the micro water circulation within organisms‘ bodies or even breath. Another important aspect is the transition between consciousness and subconscious, sleep and waking states.

organizers/artist as curators:
Anne Glassner and Regina Hügli

photo: Regina Hügli