My interventions in public space started in the Annenpassage in Graz 2015. The Annenpassage is a shopping center where a lot of the shops are empty or often change their owners. First of all there was the idea of sleeping in one of those places, but there was a conflict with the owner. Instead of sleeping in the shop I printed a photo of myself and put it in the slash of the window. It is an ongoing serie in different cities. photos: Anne Glassner

Videostills, Annenpassage Graz

photo: Anne Glassner/ old Bohemian court chancellary Vienna, 2016

photo: Anne Glassner/ Tallin/Estonia/2016

photo: Anne Glassner/ Scandinavs Shop/ Aizpute/Latvia/2016

photo: Anne Glassner/ Domäne Albrechtsfeld/2016