Interventions of The In Between Collective at
the exhibition "Rising up Flowing down" in Viennese Watertower, May 2018

STARP KRĀJUMU GLABĀTUVĒM/ Inbetween Storage/Aizupute/August 2016/Latvia

Collaborative Project with Seila Fernandez Arconada (UK/Spain), Bartaku (Fin/Be), Anne Glassner (Aus), Laurie Sheridan (US)

This project took place in an old Soviet hangar, an important space of the Aizpute's local heritage (Latvia). This space was closed for sometime keeping some materials and objects from a different era. We worked with those materials presenting them as an installation piece to the public.

photo/photocollage: Seila Fernandez Arconada

photos: Anne Glassner (more photos from artist Bartaku)